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Show Your Colours with Durable LED Strip Lights for Roofs


If you go out walking in the evenings, you may have noticed houses illuminated with LED strip lights. Why not consider them for your home? They’re cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, safe, and beautiful!


LED strip lights are very hardy. They’re known for their durability, and the average life of an LED light is more than twenty years. Because LED lights rarely need to be replaced, they’re better for the environment. They also use less energy than more conventional lights, making them both eco-friendly, and wallet-friendly!


LED strip lights are also safer for you. No more climbing ladders, risking a fall that could cause serious injury; your Christmas lights will be ready to shine in an instant, every year for many years to come. An LED lighting system may provide another type of safety for you, too. It’s been proven that extra illumination makes it less likely that your property will be robbed or vandalized. Extra light often equates to extra security.


Tell Your Family’s Story


You may, of course, want to turn on your lights at Christmas time. Bright lights sparkling on snow are an integral part of the holiday season. But one thing you may notice about homes with strip lights for roofs: they usually don’t limit their use to the holidays! That’s because once you see how versatile, beautiful, and just plain fun it is to create lighting displays with your LED system, you’ll want to show your true colours every day.


There are many ways to use your LED strip light system to show your family’s unique spirit. With LED strip lighting, you have thousands of different colours and pattern combinations to choose from – and light shows can be created with a simple remote or an app for your smartphone.


For example, if you’re a Maple Leafs fans, you can have the team’s colours blinking during big games. When the Leafs score, send the lights chasing or dancing! Maybe your family likes to barbecue on warm summer nights; if so, you can give your whole backyard a warm purple glow as you relax with friends after burgers. Every family has special moments to celebrate. Put on a pink or blue light show to announce the birth of a new baby; create a flashing display for a momentous anniversary. Mark all of the holidays: make a red-and-white display on July 1st to showcase your Canada Day pride; give your house an eerie orange glow to spook Halloween trick-or-treaters, or show your love for Irish literature with a green sparkle on St. Patrick’s Day.


Every family has a story, and you can tell your family’s story with light.


Choosing an LED System


Once you’ve decided to install LED strip lights, find a company that specializes in this type of illumination, and that offers a good warranty on their products. It’s important to make sure that the lighting system you select is designed to withstand our harsh winters, so a Canadian company can be the best choice.


Contact a company representative about LED strip lights for roofs today – you’ll love creating light displays for your family’s special occasions!